1km to Full Ironman 140.6km Race

1km to Full Ironman 140.6km Race

Hi, so my name is Adam from the UK. I have been in triathlon 3 years this weekend now. Although it has been inconsistent, to say the least. I did my first triathlon in September 2016, which was the full distance 140.6km at Ironman Weymouth, Dorse, UK

I first took up running in the summer of 2014 after overcoming my addiction to alcohol and my drug abuse. I spent about 10 months without any training as I was suffering from both physical and mental health issues.

My friend was murdered, and I want to do something in his memory. Someone suggested an Ironman. I brought a bike and wetsuit, signed up. I did some poor and ill-prepared training as I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I wanted to turn up at race and see what I could do. I fueled the entire race on chocolate biscuits and the race in 16h 04m to become an Ironman.

Simple-health-sgtriathlon-ironman-training-70-3-adam-harper-real-swimmerIn August 2017, I completed my second triathlon, the Midnight Man Triathlon 70.3 in 6h 53m. I was poorly trained but survived. It was then I realised that triathlon was for me as it helped me overcome issues I was facing in life.

I started training consistently, following a training program properly. I completed Grafman 70.3 in 6h 6m and was very pleased with my progress hence signed up Full Ironman UK, Bolton, England, 140.6Km race in July 2018 with 12h 55m time.

Sadly, then had more physical and mental health issues that took over months away from triathlon. I managed to deal with a lot of my issues and life problems. I’m thankful to have recently started training again in March 2019.

My future long-term goals are to qualify for the Ironman World Championships in Kona and win my age group by 2025. It’s a very lofty goal but to dream big and aim high isn’t?

Next Personal Challenge

My Inspiration

  • To raise money for a late friend in memory of him
  • Constant pushing my physical, mental and emotional boundaries with each race

My Fitness & Stamina

My athletic background is very minimal and non-existent. I developed skill, fitness and techniques as I started this triathlon journey. I feel the most knowledgeable and fit than I ever been in my life now. My favourite part of the journey is constantly pushing my boundaries. I believe you can complete any challenge put in front of you.

Over the past 5 years, I have gone from not being able to run 1km to completing several 100km runs, competing at the world championships of obstacle course racing and now 2 x Ironman 140.6km races. It’s all about the power of mind over body. I learn more about myself with each session and each challenge. The training and racing help with overcoming my everyday life.

Quick Advice: Beginners Tip in your First Triathlon & Ironman Race

1) The biggest mistake people make is going too hard too early. Key points: Race/power/pace plan and stick to it. That’s the point of a plan. An Ironman Race is a long day, and people will go past you in the swim and the bike. Let them!! You’ll catch them on the run if you pace it right as everyone will have blown up and been walking, but you. Stick to your original pace plan.

2) Just take it as it comes and enjoy it. It can seem very overwhelming and stressful to take on such a big challenge. You must trust in yourself and the training you have done and know that it will get you across the line. You have put the work in training. Smile, enjoy the day and take it all in. You have worked hard to get to the race so why put too much pressure on yourself and not enjoy it.

I am currently training to become a triathlon, running and swim coach and dietitian. My target is to be a professional coach within the next 2 years. Triathlon and running have helped me turn my life around massively in the past 5 years. I hope to be able to use it to help others who are struggling with both physical and mental health issues.

“To dream big and aim high”

– Adam



Let me know if you are keen to learn my training program and will share it next time!

Adam Harper

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