10 Simple Tips to Stay Healthy at Work

10 Simple Tips to Stay Healthy at Work

10 easy tips to stay healthy at work. Practical and simple to follow. No Stress. For all professional levels at work.

We are here to address the intrinsic motivation. The only person stopping you is yourself, your perception of yourself. You define your fitness goals based on your motivation. No healthy tips are going to work magic here without your help. You get the drift.

We all go through health motivation cycle with extrinsic factors like weight loss, having someone older run faster than you, giving you a nudged ‘Hey I can be better at this” and trigger thoughts “If he/she is older and so fit why can I?”. Staying healthy at work is not only about sleeping early, eat breakfast, drinking plenty of water or 2 hours at the gym on the weekends. It’s an integrated lifestyle habit.

Here are 10 Simple tips to stay healthy at work that are practical, tried and tested:

1. Find your ROUTINE

Let’s talk about your Routine! This is YOURS. What works for someone might not be suitable for you, and it’s ok. I like to keep things simple. I’m not a fitness instructor, and I don’t like spending money on expensive spinning boutiques. It’s ok. I can go outside, and it’s free. Walk, cycle, run. Do what you enjoy. Change your ROUTINE, not Your Goals.

2. 15mins BREAK

If you don’t like to perspire, walk in the evenings when its cooler. Power walk by alighting a couple of stops earlier to your destination. Park your car slightly further away. 15 mins walk around your office block to avoid peak-hour traffic will make you feel much better than a snack. Plus save some peak-hour ERP or avoid packed MRT ride home. Start small, once a week 15mins and increase the frequency and intensity. Your Break.


Burn more calories than have a sit-down meeting. You might say I need to talk to the whole team, and they won’t want to walk. Go ahead. Plug in your Bluetooth and call into the meeting. You walk. It tough to break the norm, but this is about you. Who knows they might even join you someday? Your Call.

4. FREQUENT Business Flyer

Choose a hotel with the gym if possible. Pack your gym outfit FIRST. Try to get at least 30mins of exercise time and not calculate the intensity. If you are adventurous, pack your running shoes, and it’s a good way to ‘visit’ the country. Plan outdoor run routes before flying. Invite a colleague to join you for walk/run if you do not feel safe in a foreign country. Create good vibes before official meetings. You get to be an inspiration.

A full day of meetings and still not able to exercise? Work commitments first. Skip breakfast, and we call it intermittent fasting. Work within your routine. Be flexible. Back to the point (1) Find Your Routine

Sometimes you will slip with no workout in a week or two because of business trips or deadlines. It’s ok. Shake it off and move on. Do it the next day. Speed walk to the Boarding Gate. 15mins. Back to the point (2)

5. Kids Commitments

Switch your morning roles with your spouse so that both of you can settle the kids and another free to exercise. YOUR Health is a commitment just like your kids. Commitment is the LITTLE Choices every day that lead to the FINAL RESULTS. An ex-colleague of mine shared that she carries her 2year old as biceps curls and infuse squats as play with her child. Be Creative.

6. Health Mentors

Do search for Health ‘mentors’ in your life who can inspire you to push your fitness boundaries. It applies to your fitness as much as your career. You will be surprised to meet a new world of like-minded fitness folks who have C-suit careers, children commitments and training for the next Ironman 70.3. Learn.
Be a better version of You.

7. Work & Play

Be that team member that adds value besides meeting your deadline. Organise fun walk/runs after work. You don’t need the whole company, just two to three colleagues make a good walk run group. Try to keep it simple and easy around the office. 5Km or less sometimes. It’s about getting out of the office after a stressful day. Everyone is at a different fitness level. Do take the initiative to run their pace time, the objective is to motivate each other and share the health benefits.

Integrated lifestyle builds friendships outside of work. In time, you will sign up for races as a team or weekend hike/runs as friends (even with those who have left the company).

8. Set Audacious Fitness Goal

It pushes your mindset of What if, Can I, How to do it, YES I did it and Let’s do it AGAIN. Define your fitness goals, and it can be as simple as planking for 30sec daily for two weeks to 10km in 2 months. You Decide.

Do share with us your healthy living stages. It’s addictive. Let’s motivate and celebrate our healthy living victories with others!

9. Dieting is against the LAW

There’s nothing wrong with eating that one cookie at the pantry. Cut your craving at one cookie. It might even stop you from stress eating. Be free from dieting and the hassle of calories counting. Love your food like good nutrition to fuel your body.

Fruits are a good Go-To for frequent flyers. Decide on a fruits day and resume normal eating habits the next day. There are many dieting tips available (i.e. Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Low Carb, Dukan, Zone, Raw Food diet), and this is the closest to intermittent fasting. Lounge and onboard meals are good perhaps for first five trips. Go easy and pack fruits & nuts on flights and skip all onboard meals when travelling. You don’t have to eat because everyone on the flight is eating.

Listen to your body, and sometimes it’s calling you to rest from eating or stop at the next packet of chips. Sometimes your abs are missing and call them shy. It’s ok. Your health is not only about 6pecs.

10. Find Your UNmet Potential

What is your WHY to staying healthy? Ask, and ask again. Why do you want to do this? Is this for your family to spend more quality time with your kids, to be fiercely independent at your old age, to do more in life, high hospitalisation and medical fees, a better retirement to enjoy with my spouse/partner…. Ask, what is your Why.

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YOU also have an UNmet potential in your life. Let’s not waste a life JUST BY living. Share your fitness story with us and help motivate another person.