5 Tips to Feel Great in the Morning

5 Tips to Feel Great in the Morning

5 Simple Tips to Kickstart My Morning Routine

simple-health-sg-one Sleep early and wake up early. Try to clock in at least 7-9hours of sleep per day. Place your alarm clock at the other end of the room, this way it will force you to get out of bed. Try to avoid using your phone as an alarm clock. I will try not to touch my phone in the morning to avoid all the distractions. You would like to be productive at the start of the day.



simple-health-sg-two First thing to do after waking up is to drink a glass of warm water. This helps you to kick start the body’s metabolism. Never drink cold drinks in the morning. Why not cold water? Cold water shocks the body system and according to my TCM it dampens your health. Warm water does a lot of benefits to the body and it makes sense because the human body is warm blooded.


simple-health-sg-three Have a good healthy breakfast which fuels your body for the rest of the day. Most importantly never skip breakfast. I know a lot of Singaporeans love to skip their breakfast just to maximise their sleep. The consequence is you feel tired and moody in the morning. You feel less focused as there is not enough energy (glucose) supply to the brain.



simple-health-sg-four Have a good shower. I’m currently showering with cold water to increase my immune system and brown fat. Nonetheless, no matter how late you are to school/work, shower first. I know there are some people who wants to maximise their sleep or feels to cold to shower in morning, however you end up having a “bed head” for the rest of the day which does not give a good impression of people. There is a therapeutic effect to the body when you shower and trust me you feel refreshed.



simple-health-sg-fiveHave some quiet time to yourself. Listen to your favourite music. It’s important to have some serenity which helps you to clear your mind. Do you like it if you wake up to a noisy environment? I guess not. Having some me time to yourself in the morning does a good psychological effect to yourself. The morning sets the mood for the rest of the day.



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“Without health we would not live our lives to the fullest.”

– Syafiq

Written by Syafiq
Muhd Syafiq Bin Mohd Faruq is our aspiring long-distance runner who hope to represent Singapore. He developed passion for running in primary school and had the advantage of the stamina and endurance. However, he was a late bloomer and picked up Track & Field in tertiary education. Syafiq was determined and started to develop competitiveness in the sport and specialise himself in long distance running. He spent early mornings in training besides juggling school and part-time work. It’s never too late to start discovering your passion and hope to inspire younger people.