Stay Home Workout Covid-19

Stay Home Workout Covid-19

We’re EXCITED to share the launch of our 2 x 28 Days Home Workout Program to inspire more of you to start leading an active lifestyle. The exercises are ALL BODYWEIGHT only, so you literally have no reasons not to exercise at all!

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1) 28 Days GET ACTIVE@Home Program*


GET ACTIVE@Home is programmed with beginners in mind. It is ideal for anyone who has been inactive for quite some time or beginners who are looking to start, especially during this lockdown period. Lots of progressive exercises designed to guide you to an ACTIVE lifestyle!

Exclusive 30% discount code for the FIRST 30 subscribers! 



2) 28 Days AGE WELL@Home Program*


AGE WELL@Home is inspired by many of my family members who have always asked me about workout programs for the older adults! This program is filled with basic exercises targeted to improve your Mobility, Balance and Cardio! It is ideal for older adults, aged 50 and above, who want to start exercising, but not sure how to do so without risk of injury.

Exclusive 30% discount code for the FIRST 30 subscribers! 


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Lead Instructor Mathew Yong

Mathew is an ACSM (American College of Sports) certified Personal Trainer who has worked with clients from diverse backgrounds and fitness goals. He’s a Fitness Team Leader of one of the leading fitness chains in Singapore. He leads a team of Sports Performance Coaches and Personal Trainers. His love of fitness lies mainly in movement training, weight management and holistic approach to health & fitness.


*It is essential that you consult your doctor before starting an exercise routine. It depends on how long your exercise sessions should be and what level of intensity is safe for you. If you have not visited a gym before, don’t just join a random class or do a casual exercise. Get a fully qualified and experienced Personal Trainer who can connect with you thoroughly to guide you towards a healthy and happy ageing journey. Keep us posted on your progress at hello@simplehealth.sg