Body Weight Workout
(4 Weeks Challenge)

Body Weight Workout
(4 Weeks Challenge)

2 simple bodyweight workout you can do anywhere for 30mins. Full body, legs, chest, shoulders and core workout. For those days where you need to squeeze in a quick workout without any equipment.

Here are 2 easy workouts that do not need much equipment to get your full body engaged. You have the option of using any type of ball (i.e. basketball, volleyball) or just the simulation of raising your arms to throw the ball. Easy and convenient!

The objective is to fatigue the entire body in a short workout time of 30mins- 1-hour timeframe. Do is 3x per week for 4 weeks. Send us your Before & After photos to win the BEST Body Transformation!

Wall Ball Squats (Full Body Workout)

This set will target your quads, glutes, calves and hamstrings when performing the squat. The “throw” section powers up your chest, back, shoulders and arms. The focus is to maintain form while repeating the process until your legs arms and body begin to fatigue. Try to not break the squat form and use body momentum in the workout.

Our focus is to fatigue the ENTIRE BODY

  • 2 mins Active Movements
  • 30sec Rest
  • x5 Reps

Plank Push-up, Shoulder tap (Upper Body & Core Workout)

Now that your body is warmed while on the floor place your arm on Plank Position, perform a Push up, and while balancing your body on one arm, tap your shoulder. While you keep your abdominals and legs tight, slowly lower your chest toward the ground with elbows bending and pointing behind you. Before you push back up start to exhale slowly as you push back up to lengthen arms into plank, once you have reached full extension then lift you right hand to tap your left shoulder at the top. Then tap your right shoulder with your right hand. Repeat the process 5-10 times.

Our focus is to target your upper body, chest, arms and core muscles!

WARMUP: 10 mins

5 Mins: Start with Jumping Jacks

    • 1 min Active (Jumping Jacks)
    • 30 s Rest
    • x5 Reps

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4DAnQ6DtF8

5 Mins: Switch to Mountain Climbers

  • 1 min Active (Mountain Climbers)
  • 30sec Rest
  • x5 Reps

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=De3Gl-nC7IQ

More info: https://www.popsugar.com/fitness/How-Do-Push-Up-Shoulder-Taps-45098277

START: 10mins

10mins: Full Body Workout

  • 2 minutes Active Wall Ball Squats/ Full Body Squats
  • 30sec Rest
  • x5 – 10x Reps

Total Training Time: 10 mins Active movements: Increase as necessary to 10x if possible

10mins: Upper Body & Core Workout

Plank Push-up with Shoulder tap

  • 2 minutes Active Plank Push UP with Shoulder Taps
  • 30sec Rest
  • x5- 10x Reps

Total Training Time: Modify to knee push-ups if you are tired. Increase as necessary to 10x if possible

You will be able to see results by repeating these two simple exercises in both your cardio and no. of reps you are able to complete in each set without exhaustion. Do increase the intensity and quantity and you can get an excellent workout within an hour. Its pretty much full body workout done anywhere, however do remember to hydrate and stretch or roll post after the training.

The objective is to fatigue the entire body in a short workout time of 30mins- 1-hour timeframe. Do is 3x per week for 4 weeks. Send us your Before & After photos to win the BEST Body Transformation!

Written by:

Jean-Luc Guedez, most people know him as JL. He is the owner of 2PaveiT Triathlon Racing team. He is also a Triathlete and Cycling Coach and a Personal Fitness Trainer to his clients. He has been a triathlete for the past 8 years, after his retirement from competitive Soccer and Martial Arts. His passion in coaching resonate being a competitive athlete in various races, soccer and martial arts. He cross-mix of all sports specially during training. He now enjoys sharing his knowledge with like-minded folks. Soon to pass on this passion to his two little girls. JL resided in New York City and from Valencia, Venezuela.


*It is essential that you consult your doctor before starting an exercise routine. It depends on how long your exercise sessions should be and what level of intensity is safe for you. If you have not visited a gym before, don’t just join a random class or do a casual exercise. Get a fully qualified and experienced Personal Trainer who can connect with you thoroughly to guide you towards a healthy and happy ageing journey. Keep us posted on your progress at hello@simplehealth.sg