Best Beginners Workout

Best Beginners Workout

How to improve your fitness for Beginners?

3 simple beginners’ guide to improve your fitness level. Have you noticed that a short sprint to class, or to catch the bus, leaves you slightly winded and out of breath? Perhaps it is time to rethink your current approach to Fitness. How can you improve it?

Let’s face it. Fitness is not necessarily everyone favourite topic. Unless you have had a background or history of any training, it can be a challenge to start, maintain and follow through a training routine that can help you reach your fitness goals.

For starters, there are a few things to consider. If you have access to a medical physician, get checked and cleared before starting any physical training activity. It will help you understand any signs or conditions you may have, and your Doctor can guide or limit certain activities. It is better to know in advance. Also, prepare a log system to track your activities. There are many fitness apps or devices today that can help you log physical activity with your mobile devices such as a Fitbit, Samsung Health or IOS Health. Now to simplify your training, check your area for a local park, area with low car traffic where you plan to designate as your start point for your training. Similarly, you can perform this from the comfort of your own home.


Get Set & GO!

If you have a pair of comfortable sneakers, running shoes inspect them before use to determine they can withstand your training. The rubber on sneakers does tend to expire, and it may become brittle to a point where it starts to disintegrate. Arch support is important as it would prevent injuries to your knees and or hip if you have any imbalances. To Understand your foot striking style will help identify any tightness or discomfort you may develop during or post-training. Now get your fitness shorts and t-shirt on, and let’s go for a beginners training session.

It’s important to know what type of feet you have. There are different Pronation types: Under Pronation, Normal and Overpronation. Walking and running shoes now cater to different types of feet and it’s worth to tell the salesperson before you purchase new shoes.



1: Best Exercise for Beginners: Walking

Now, you may be thinking, after all this, walking in the 1st session? The answer is Yes!
Walking is a simple, easy method to start getting your fitness levels to improve. More than billions of people worldwide walk daily, and no one thinks of walking as an aerobic activity. It is low Impact, simple and it can be quite enjoyable. Here is how you can use it to your advantage.

Time your Walk: if you know how long it takes you to walk to the bus, car, coffee shop or any other place you normally walk to, now you will start to time how fast you can get there. To the contrary of many believes, fast pace walking can help you raise your heart rate, which in translation starts improving your circulation. The more you walk and improve your time between A to B, this will also help strengthen your heart and improve your cardiovascular health overall.

You can start with short distances/time. 5 minutes then you can gradually increase to 10 mins until you have reached an amount of time that you feel comfortable. Start small and slowly. You can add distance and speed. If you use a fitness app, the app can track your steps, and you can set the limits for your daily challenge. If you set a steps amount for 1,000 steps and gradually increase until you can achieve 20,000 steps in a day. You probably already have reach 20,000 steps, but you may not know it. It will be the guidance you may need to place you on the track to better fitness by walking your way to better health.

For more walking tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFuMRHKGIgA
To learn more about walking benefits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ka7B3hCg08


2: Best Strength & Resistance Exercise for Beginners: Yoga

Granted, not everyone utilises Yoga to the capacity of having the strength to perform a handstand without falling. Yoga has many different position and options where you do not require to have advance knowledge to reap the benefits. Yoga is simple and performed at your local park, privacy of your own home or favourite place with a view. All you need is a yoga mat if you do not have a mat, substitute it with a long towel.


Best Yoga Poses for Beginners: Downward Facing Dog Yoga pose

The objective of this pose: To help with you full body circulation as you move from one pose to the next. This pose can help you understand different areas where your body may be out of alignment. As you perform the movement, various areas of your body are targeted to build strength plus boost circulation. Thus, an indirect result of the resistance your muscles are under while holding your body in the position. The mild resistance causes your heart rate to increase while improving circulation. This help reduces tension, anxiety and the stretch help reduce back pain.

As you perform the pose, start with 5-second holds, then increase to 10 seconds and so on until you can sustain the pose for 1 to 2 mins.

How to perform Downward Facing Dog Yoga Pose:

1) Place your feet about hip-width apart
2) Hands shoulder-width apart
3) Bend forward and place palms flat on the floor in front of you
4) Bend your knees slightly if your hamstrings are tight
5) Shift your weight to the balls of your feet
6) Keep your spine straight
7) Allow your head and neck to extend comfortably
8) Relax, breathe and exhale


Health & Body Benefit Downward Facing Dog yoga pose:

  • Improves Digestion
  • Vitality and Bodily Circulation
  • Helps Strengthen and stretches your arm, shoulders, neck, back, hips, abdomen, legs, calves, arches and
  • Help calmyour brain, stress and mild depression.

Yoga Pose Improvement:


For more yoga tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVtwWOpN170


3: Best Gym Equipment for Beginners – Elliptical Trainer

The elliptical trainer is great for beginners. It helps to ease into cardio exercise by minimising impact and less stress on your knee joints. While elliptical does require you to simulate walking and to run, it is weight-bearing which is essential for building strong bones muscles and connective tissue. If your elliptical has handles, you can train your entire body to help you burn more calories. Once you are on the machine, adjust your resistance and speed and body movement gradually as you begin to set your pace.

Simple Steps & Tips:

– 5 minutes on the machine you will begin to feel your body sweat and muscles starting to respond to the training
– To avoid doing too much, set a limit to 10 mins
– Re-assess how your body feels and then resume for 20 mins
– For your first week of elliptical training, minimise the sessions to 2-3 a week with a day rest in between to reduce soreness.
– As your body learns to adapt to the routine, it would also need time to build endurance and strength, which is why it’s always best to ease into exercise.

For live demo on elliptical machine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E15Q3Z9J-Zg


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Guest Contribution Jean-Luc (JL)

Jean-Luc Guedez, most people know him as JL. He is the owner of 2PaveiT Triathlon Racing team. He is also a Triathlete and Cycling Coach and a Personal Fitness Trainer to his clients. He has been a triathlete for the past 8 years, after his retirement from competitive Soccer and Martial Arts. His passion in coaching resonate being a competitive athlete in various races, soccer and martial arts. He cross-mix of all sports specially during training. He now enjoys sharing his knowledge with like-minded folks. Soon to pass on this passion to his two little girls. JL resided in New York City and from Valencia, Venezuela.

*It is essential that you consult your doctor before starting an exercise routine. It depends on how long your exercise sessions should be and what level of intensity is safe for you. If you have not visited a gym before, don’t just join a random class or do a casual exercise. Get a fully qualified and experienced Personal Trainer who can connect with you thoroughly to guide you towards a healthy and happy ageing journey. Keep us posted on your progress at hello@simplehealth.sg