Advantages of Resistance Exercise & Anti-Ageing

Advantages of Resistance Exercise & Anti-Ageing


What Is Resistance Training?

Resistance exercise or training, commonly known as weights training or strength training. It is on a rising trend here in Asia for the past decade.

The training usually is done with dumbbells, barbells, machines in gyms, resistance bands, with your body weight and even another person’s body weight. Now, resistance training has evolved to multi-faceted benefits, and access to resources are plentiful both in gyms and easy-to-do home exercise.


Why is Resistance Training Important to an Ageing Population in Singapore?

In 2018, reported by Strait Times, Singaporeans are expected to live up to 83.3 years of age, as compared to 71.4 years of age for the rest of South-east Asia. Singapore life expectancy continues to rise, along with the advancement of technology. Now is the time to look at quality living as healthy ageing with confidence.

Singapore is currently the oldest society in South-east Asia and projected to be the oldest society in Asia, overtaking Japan, in the year 2030. (As shown in below image taken from UOB Global Economics & Markets Research 2017).


Who is Leading Resistance Training?

Resistance Training benefits everyone. However, the majority of the population are not exposed or receptive to this type of fitness in Singapore. They may happen to be the older generation. That includes our parents, grandparents and elders. Now, so it seems, the healthiest generation- millennials are using Instagram as a platform to expose us to resistance training as their showcase to look good. Top trending hashtags on HubSpot #fitness with photos and videos from the best exercise by workout warriors. The younger generation can influence the people who are supposedly wiser and more experienced to age healthily.


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Written by Mathew Yong

Mathew is an ACSM (American College Sports Medicine) certified Personal Trainer. He works with clients from diverse backgrounds and fitness goals. Matthew is a Fitness Team Leader of one of the leading fitness chains in Singapore. He leads a team of Sports Performance Coaches and Personal Trainers. His love of fitness lies mainly in movement training, weight management and holistic approach to health & fitness.

*It is essential that you consult your doctor before starting an exercise regime. It will depend on how long your exercise sessions should be and what level of intensity is safe for you. If you have not visited a gym before, don’t just join a random class or do a casual exercise. Get a fully qualified and experienced Personal Trainer who can connect with you thoroughly to guide you towards a healthy and happy ageing journey. Keep us posted on your progress at hello@simplehealth.sg