Pilates Body Tree Wellness Event

Body Tree Wellness Event was organised by Pilates Body Tree to drive public awareness on flexibility, core, mobility and postures. It was a one-day event with fun activities and workout for all ages. This public event aim to is spread the message enrich people’s lives through movement. Whether to manage pain and injury or to increase enjoyment in a certain sport. They believe that to live well, one must move well. That requires flexibility, mobility and strength.

They hope to encourage members of the public to have movement confidence and not movement avoidance. Quote from PBT “Movement avoidance rarely gets to the root of the physical problems we face. We strive to help public overcome these problems and most importantly build movement confidence so that they are empowered to move well to live well.”

The turnout of the event was astonishing with the public experiencing life demo classes by veteran, Managing Director & Co-founder of Pilates Body Tree Jerry Teo. His friendly easy step-by-step guidance in the workshop helped to debulk myths and showcase proper Pilates. The public get to try stretch techniques with live demo which one might missed in a group fitness class environment.

The event was well organised with a chance to experience multiple 30min classes like Myofascial Release, Stretch Therapy, Strength and Mobility, Mat work Pilates and hands on practice on roller and ball. It was an afternoon of good energy and vibes. For those who are not exercising they get to participate in different talks on topics related bone health, nutrition and healthy living.

Some of the speakers included Senior Dietician Soh Wan Keem, who shared on what’s bad for your neck. Keeping good posture by Chiropractor Dr Gary Tho. “10 Simple Tips to Stay Healthy at Work” by SimpleHealth. It was a privilege to share on living healthy at PBT organised event. Learn More Here

We hope to partner with likeminded fitness, wellness chttps://www.simplehealth.sg/health/10-simple-tips-to-stay-healthy-at-workompanies to help our community build awareness with different aspects of being healthy. We welcome partnerships and your participation on community driven events we host at SimpleHealth. It will help us with your ‘presence’ to share the healthy living journey with our community.

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Pilates Body Tree Wellness Event

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