Simple Health SG and Athlete Lab awareness drive to empower ladies to take up road cycling with ladies only event. They organised a #wecancycle theme class calling on ladies with grit to join them for a free trial. Cycling is predominately a male sport in Singapore. This event brings together ladies who want a safer way to cycle than on the road.

The event was themed by wearing bold socks, padded seats, rhythmic music with 8 ladies to sweat! Simple Health SG hosted the event with their guests. Most ladies have been attending spinning classes, and this event allows them to try something new. Some were beginners looking for a new challenge, and some have some fun. All the ladies brought their sassy self and learn about gear changes in the one-hour endurance indoor ride.

“Thank you! I enjoyed the class” – @by_sylv

Athlete Lab (A-lab) is a performance-driven indoor cycling studio. They provide real road bikes, cycle training guide with in-house pro-cycling coaches. The female cyclists came early to get fitted on their road bikes, which is different from spin bikes. Towards the end of the evening, the ladies were beaming with excitement, having completed their first endurance cycle ride.

Simple Health SG will like to thank Athlete Lab for providing the venue, ride matrix and their staff for this community event.

We hope to partner with likeminded fitness, wellness companies to help our community build awareness with different aspects of being healthy. We welcome partnerships and your participation in community-driven events we host at SimpleHealth. It will help us with your ‘presence’ to share the healthy living journey with our community.

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