Simple Health Community

We share fitness, workouts and wellness curated health events for our members. Simple Health Community aims to enhance the health lives of others, partnerships with fitness or service providers to organize fitness, yoga, workouts, nutrition, workshops, health events near you in Singapore.

Simple Health community members will be the first to participate and engage with local community events. They will also be able to tell their stories through written articles and or speak at our events. We understand that the beauty of life comes from knowing that there are people who feel what we are feeling, and who are bold enough to tell their stories.

How Can I Be A Part of Simple Health Community?

You want to help others by sharing your stories, health or fitness journey. Regardless of who you are, we hope this community will allow you the opportunity to be healthy. Join us for our members events only and meet like-minded health, fitness and wellness individuals.

Simple Health community is a free membership subscription. You will have access to authentic contents; private health event invites with our partners! Sign up now!

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``The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.``

- Coretta Scott King